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Warrandyte Festival Cycling TT

Festival Bike TT

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And now its Summertime


“…………………but the Road Would Inevitably Head Upwards”

I set some cycling goals for 2012 and I’ve a month to finish them off.

1.    200km of cycling per week – (Current = 215km 251km 259km 224km 236km 235km 257km)

2.    10,000km cycled this year – (Current = 11,909.0km 12,011.7km 12,171.7km 12,468.4km 12,554.6km )

3.    2 Audax 200km rides – NONE

4.    1 Audax 300km ride – (Yes, one)

5.    4 Club rides – (Yes)

6.    4 recreational rides and $1,000.00 raised for charities – (Yes)

7.     200K metres of climbing – (Current = 185,379m 186,120m 187,637m 191,166m 197,391m 199,769m)

So now I’ve just gotta finish strong and get those extra KMs and metres climbed. I won’t get the 2 x 200 Audax rides. I wonder what I’ll think about next year?

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Spring Wintering

I had a rule about not setting out in the rain to ride. Its a good rule to have and hold especially if you know you’ve got a cold brewing and you’re not at your best.

Sometimes I just don’t learn or I want to do it the hard way. The 2012 Genovese Kinglake Ride was one of those events. Lightly clad, a cold wind that had the smell of snow and sleet in it should have put me off but against better judgement I set off to do my third climb to Kinglake in as many weeks. If it hadn’t been for my awakening cold and the rain it would have been a good ride to do. Apparently its rained often on this ride! I did it a few years ago, 2010 I think and it was ok but this time the sky fell in a couple of times.

The organisation was ok, Super Sprint ran it. They had an abundance of good photographers and the files were produced in a timely manner and they did the number searching for the riders. Marathon-Photos did the work.

My disappointments were the lack of timing devices and a couple of sharp turns at the end which doesn’t help as you come over the finish line. I look for innovations on these challenges and there weren’t any I could see but maybe I’ve moved on. Amy’s ride was superior. Here’s my Strava log.

Would I do it again? Maybe not.

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My Cycling Story

This My Cycling Story

I’ve been riding this time around since Boxing Day 2009 when I bought a Trek hybrib from Croydon Cycle Works.

Of course I’ve had bikes before, a Malvern Star with streamers, skid bars and back pedal brakes, (a fixie) when I was 13 or 14. It gave me great freedom to take off and pedal around my home in the south western suburbs of Sydney. It got me to fishing spots, the Scout Hall in Auburn and to David’s place in Regents Park.

Then there was the Bennett 10 Speed I had in the late ’70s in Bankstown. I used to ride it to work and get around with my son Reuben in the child seat. I brought the Bennett down to Melbourne. Unfortunately it was stolen from my house in Newport and that put an end to cycling for awhile. It was insured and the money went to buying a VW beetle that we could get around in now that Reuben was growing.

Years later I bought another bike, inspired my brother Peter cycling down from Sydney. I can’t remember what it was but it was another 10 speed and I rode around the the countryside and bayside areas close to home. It later came with me to Carlton and finally Hawthorn. That was the last place I saw it. I forgot to pick it up and its now rust somewhere.

But in 2009 I started to ride a bike again. It was a Trek Soho 3.0, that really got me going and I did about 1500km on it initially on the the Eastern Freeway bike paths and then on the road. I had the bug.

Then I upgraded to a Specialized Roubaix Expert from TotalRush in Richmond. This took me to another place, it was so much lighter and faster than than ever before. It did thousands of KM on that bike and use it as a commute now. It is tough, comfortable and smooth to ride.

I recently stepped up to a Specialized S-Works Tarmac which really screams. Now all my PB’s on Strava have been broken. Its the Great Leap forward! Its red, black and white and weighs not much. It has a Stram gear set and loves to climb.

I was thinking this morning that my most treasured bit of kit besides my bike is Strava where I log all my rides and times. I love using it, following other cyclists rides and comparing their progress with mine. Its addictive and fun. Its free for a few uses a month or can be open ended for about $A60 per year.

If you seriously cycle then you should be on Strava.

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