My Cycling Goals

Coburg Cycling Club Crits.jpg

The 2016 Goals

My goal in 2016 is simple and that is to make every turn of the pedal a turn towards Italia.  All Roads Lead to Rome and every km I do between January and late August will be leading to Rome and northwards to Tuscany and Umbria. In order to do this I’ll need to lose weight, ride stronger and learn La Bella Lingua. I’ll have to dedicate some solid hours getting to know the rides I want to do in Italia and places I want to see. I’ll need a base there, somewhere I can sleep, cook and ride from. Initially I was thinking Lucca but maybe Siena or Florence. That’s my main cycling goal in 2016.

Race The Coburg Crits this summer and Road Racing season this Autumn

Increase avg speed through Yarra Hills currently 21.0 kph

Complete Gran Fondo and Climbing Challenges each month

Ride 1,000km per month

Do a “Tour of Gariwerd and Tasmania”

WhiteBoard regular cycling challenges and do them.

MARS Australian Gran Fondo Championships (January 8-10)

Tour Down Under (January 18 – 26)

Cadels Great Ocean Road Ride (January 30-31)

Warrandyte Time Trial – GreenWEDGE Classic (March 13)

Murray to Moyne (April 2 & 3)

Ride Tuscany and Umbria (September)



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